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You must remember this.

Meat, fish and milk 'protect against memory loss' - Telegraph

The findings suggest a key vitamin found in the foods helps to prevent brain shrinkage, which has been linked to memory problems.

The vitamin, B12, found in meat, fish, fortified cereals and milk, is crucial to the formation of red blood cells and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.

Research has shown that many elderly people have low levels of the vitamin.

And it's in beer - one pint supplies 50% of your RDA of B12, so two pints a night sounds about right. Though for some reason the spoilsports at the NHS caution "The vitamin B12 found in beer, fermented foods and yeast is not a reliable source of this vitamin." Typical, you always get let down by promises in pubs. So I suppose if it isn't reliable then just to make sure you need to double the dose...


"...just to make sure you need to double the dose..."
That's what I like, irrefutable logic!

Let me be sure I've got this right.

The vitamin B12 found in beer is not a reliable source of itself.

No, still can't figure that one out.

The head of the IPCC wants us to cut down (preferably cut out) meat and meat products.

Is it because he want us to forget the daft advice he has given us?

I would have thought the explanation for the beer advice was obvious ... beer is enjoyable.

Hence, beer is off limits. How can anyone miss the link?


I'm convinced it's lack of B12 that makes most vegetarians (and, a fortiori, vegans) such a bunch of miserable, sniffling, disease vectors. I've never met a veggie who didn't have an almost permanent cold.

I observe and learn. Since the 50% of my recommended intake of vitamin B12
supplied by a pint of beer is 'not a reliable source', I had to have
five pints just to make sure.

Healthy eating can be so difficult, no?

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