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Jury Trial Victory

Police in crisis after jury rejects £10m terror case - Times Online

Police and prosecutors were locked in crisis meetings last night after what they believed to be the strongest terrorism case ever presented to a court was rejected by a jury. ..

The outcome of the case will be seen as a severe blow to Britain’s anti-terrorist effort.

The jury’s indecision in the face of a detailed Crown case raises questions about the public perception of the terror threat that could undermine government attempts to introduce further security legislation.

The Crown Prosecution Service indicated that it was likely to seek the retrial ....even though the jury at Woolwich Crown Court convicted three of the eight defendants of conspiracy to murder.

Prosecutors met to discuss their options amid concern that the jury could not decide on a separate charge specifying that airliners had been the targets of that conspiracy.

The jurors also failed to reach verdicts on serious terrorist charges against four other men...Another defendant, described in court as a shadowy figure with terrorist connections, was acquitted of all charges and cannot be retried.

The jurors deliberated for 52 hours, but their discussions were disrupted by a two-week holiday, frequent sickness breaks and other commitments.

Scotland Yard refrained from comment last night, but the senior officers of their disappointment over the outcome of the case.

Andy Hayman, former assistant commissioner for special operations, said: “This was one of our strongest cases – there will have to be an intensive debrief. But now is not the time for that, now is the time to prepare for retrials.”

Do you get the feeling the jury is getting the blame here, that they are being portrayed as unpatriotic, unreliable and almost too stupid to understand the importance of rubberstamping the Police's suspicions? Thank goodness that juries don't, thank goodness they weigh the evidence and aren't swept along with the hysteria. Maybe the suspects were innocent of the charges, maybe the evidence just wasn't there, maybe the police and CPS despite having spent £10 million didn't put together a good enough case. Maybe they should look at their own failings and join me in celebrating the independence of the jury and its central role in protecting us from injustice. Because if it is prepared to let off "shadowy" brown people with "links to terrorism" because it looked at the evidence presented rather than the insinuations then there continues to be hope for us all.


I would imagine conspiracy is one of the hardest charges to prosecute successfully. No physical crime has been committed and hence there is no evidence. Unless the authorities have taped conversations wherein the accused openly discuss and plan a nefarious deed, or a signed confession, I guess nearly all evidence is circumstantial and/or explainable in a non-nefarious context.

Add to that the healthy scepticism the general public has for the government's politicisation of "terror" and I suspect that any conspiracy case is pretty much doomed simply because it fails the "reasonable doubt" test.

Personally, and like you, I think this is a good thing.

It is not unknown for a jury to be as thick as a bucket of shit. For example:

At the Old Bailey in 1991, O’Donnell was to be cleared of gunrunning; there had been a car chase in North London after which two Kalashnikov rifles were found in the boot. He was one of four terrorists shot dead by the SAS in Ulster in February 1992. From here

I agree with your take on juries, they are needed, now more than ever. In the second comment, did the jury get it wrong or was the evidence too weak. The CPS and the police seem to regard getting evidence as beneath them. If they say he did it, then it is so. It isn't justice though!

thanks to the jury for putting us all at risk...the defence just has to mention America,gitmo etc and its a done deal...off you go achmed...I feel so happy that the jury stood up to our police etc...don't let your feelings towards our present govt blind you as to how serious this is.


Another example of juries being thick as shit. You can f**k with peoples property if you are fighting "climate change".

For God's sake....

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