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Nice way to spend the money

Nice 'spends £1m more on spin than evaluating drugs' - Telegraph

The National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) has come under fire in recent months for the time it takes to decide which drugs can be given on the NHS and for rejecting some life extending medications as too expensive.

Official figures show that Nice spent almost £3.4 million, 10 per cent of its budget, evaluating new drugs and technologies last year.

But the organisation spent around £4.5 million, 13 per cent, on communications.

The Tories, who uncovered the figures, claimed that they showed that the body was wasting money on "spin doctors".

Judging by those figures NICE's total budget is £34 million, and NICE are complaining that the figures are wrong because testing drugs is done by the "R&D section of the Department of Health" and doesn't show up on their budget. So what exactly does NICE do with all that dosh, especially as Scotland seems to get on quite well without NICE determining which drugs its patients can have.


So what exactly does NICE do with all that dosh?

Erm ... keep a couple of battalions of payrole serfs dependent upon the Labour Party at the public's expense?

just a thought.

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