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Dodge City

Chelsea barrister shooting family attacked for asking too many questions - Telegraph

The parents of a London barrister shot dead by police fled a courtroom and his sisters broke down in tears after they were attacked by lawyers for asking too many questions about his killing.

Look, Plod isn't used to the relatives of those it shoots being well educated English speaking professional people. Why can't they just shut up, and trust the State and not ask awkward questions?


Don't question their allowed collaboration in their witness statements. They don't like that.

whats to question? he was holed up in his place shooting the shit out of the neighbourhood with a shotgun for fucks sake. did they think the cops were going to walk up to the door and offer him a cup of tea and a councillor?

However it wasn't 'plod' as you put it who gave the family a hard time in court but counsel for the IPCC. However regrettable the incident was I wonder if the family are perhaps feeling a bit of guilt that they were aware of his problems but did nothing? They are now looking for someone or something to blame instead of facing up to the facts that he chose to open fire not only on police but members of the public. The only outcome of this will be to give more money to the lawyers.

Why are they asking too many questions? Can questions ever be too many? Does it depend on ethnicity?

"whats to question?"

The allowed collaboration in their witness statements. Something denied to all other defendants and witnesses to crimes, and also something the IPCC themselves have said (three times) they'd like to see ended.

Sorry, wasn't that clear in my comment?

And it's 'counsellor' - I don't think a locally-elected council member would do much good, do you?

thanks for the spelling correction, perhaps you would like to go up and chat to the boy shooting up the street with a shotgun next time it happens, maybe help him with his spelling, it might be fun to see how long you would last but I think you would be hiding behind the police long before that'd happen.

Ah, yes, since you can't deny that the practice of collaboration HAS been condemned by the IPCC itself, you fall back on the claim that I said they weren't right to shoot him. Haven't you got a little tired yet of advancing that strawman, night raven?

After all, it hasn't worked yet...

Here we go again. You can't deny that the IPCC itself HAS condemned the pratice of collaboration, so you fall back on a claim that I said the police had no right to shoot him if he posed a danger.

Aren't you tired of putting up that strawman? It hasn't worked yet, after all...

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