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Scotland saved from child eating triffids by the Government

GM plants found in Scottish fields - Scotsman.com News

GENETICALLY modified seed-lings have been discovered growing among oilseed rape in three fields in Scotland...

Mike Russell, the environment minister, said: "Had these plants been allowed to mature, the risk to the environment could have been very serious. However, prompt action by the Scottish Government is ensuring that the situation is remedied. This further emphasises the continuing need for rigorous controls on GM material and for Scotland to remain a GM crop-free zone.

And what exactly is it "a very serious" risk of happening to the environment if they hadn't realised they had planted the wrong seed.

It has to be a risk of "something", not just a "risk", what is that something?


The risk is that they would realise there's nothing wrong with GM modified crops and the eco-terrorists would have to find something else to whinge about.

Reading your headline I thought the SNP had finally unseated the vegetables in number 10

I think we should all be very grateful to the government for protecting us from this danger. We're lucky that they managed to find every last contaminated seedling. Because, you know, if they missed even one seedling then the whole exercise would have been a complete waste.

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