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Don't leave food out

Woman dies after being scratched by rat - Telegraph

Arthur Hooper, the deputy coroner for Brighton and Hove, said: "The public should be made aware of the dangers of leaving food out, deliberately or unintentionally, that might attract animals like rats. If you must come into contact with rats please wear gloves."

Please copy to those recommending us to pile up our rotting food in the hope it will compost in our overcrowded towns and cities. I had a dog die of leptospirosis caught from a rat, the only safe way to handle them is with a lump of lead.


My elderly mother is OBLIGED to leave food and compostable waste out in a "slop bucket", a small brown plastic bin, by Bristol City Council as part of their refuse "strategy". She has seen rats occasionally (not surprising!), depsite keeping the bin closed and ensuring no spills.

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