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The new SiteMeter is a stinking pile of crap

or as the more cultured and erudite put it: The Reference Frame: New SiteMeter is much less usable than the old one

Anyone know of a simple replacement that allows me to see referrers simply? - It is the only use I have for a sitemeter, to see if someone has linked and is sending lots of visitors over.


Couldn't agree more. This is another great example of if it aint broke, don't fix it. Google Analytics is pretty good, but a bit cumbersome.

extremetracking.com is not bad actually. I've been using it for a while and it's got some useful stats.

This seems to be the reaction from all over the blogosphere. Old Sitemeter was a limited tool but for those of us who are simple souls and content merely to see how many people were visiting and who was referring them, it was a a straightforward, easy-to-use and very useful hit tracker.

New Sitemeter is garbage.

We're gonna miss it - but this new version seems far too technical and complicated. Actually "stinking pile of crap" is probably the best description.

I don't understand any of it. It loads slower. Every time I refresh I have to login again even after "remembering password" and I have visitors who have disappeared including a stalker. No stats from much of Friday and all of Saturday even though they claimed to be tracking them. No outclicks being recorded for visitors even though I tested that and I do want to know what my visitors read so I can do more writing on topics of such interest. I'd rather know that than the percentage of visitors who are female which can't be reliably tracked anyway.

I'm a simple person and I liked Sitemeter's simplicity. I'd almost sell my soul to get the old version back.

I agree that the new verison is terrible... It doesn't even let you see the previous 7-days traffic comparison anymore.

Also, I think it is pretty funny that on the "master login" screen, they make it just as easy to delete your account as view your stats, by offering a big "X" button.

I will be using those soon and migrating to a different service. I hear statcounter is good.

So the latest blog message by them is that they're rolling the site back to the previous version. That's how I'm reading it anyway. (And knock wood.) I hope it's soon. Couldn't make heads nor tails of the newfangled sitemeter.

Do they think it will come back? And do you have to change your login back again? I think they should test marketed it first before launching it across the board. Might have saved them some trouble.

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