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Remember the Relaunch?

Gordon Brown has 'only weeks' to save premiership - Telegraph

he Prime Minister is desperate to stop Labour conference being dominated by discussion of his leadership, but his attempt to focus attention on what he is doing to help those affected by the credit crisis and turn Labour’s fire on the Conservatives appears to have been ruined.
As one former minister admitted privately: “The relaunch has just not happened. It was hyped that as something that would allow us to get on the front foot again and attack the Tories, but there has been nothing to inspire people.”

Oh yes the relaunch, I had forgotten all about that, some guff about lagging the pipes and that was meant to swing a 20 point opinion deficit around back to Gordon! Pathetic wasn't the word for it. Even David "Jaffa" Miliband could squeak out something more substantial.


Their policy relaunch has fallen flat on its a*** so far. The home insulation stuff was laughable and I can't imagine what else they have in store for us.

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