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Offending the Celtic

Irish Government raises Rangers 'famine' chant with Alex Salmond - Telegraph

Celtic fans were left incensed by a Rangers chant, nicknamed the Famine Song, which makes repeated reference to the Irish potato famine...

Scores complained to the Irish Government, who was so concerned at the reports they raised the issue for the first time in talks with their SNP counterparts at Holyrood.

In an effort to force the authorities to take action, Irish ministers also urged disgruntled fans to contact the clubs, the police and Fergus Ewing, the SNP minister responsible for tackling sectarianism.

So Celtic fans go running to the Irish Government for help because it is suggested that they are Irish rather than Scottish? Eh?


You would think Westminster would be the government who "should" deal with this.

But when was the last time Westminster actually did anything useful ? They can't even insulate a loft for pensioners, the shower of incompetent idiots

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Irish people travel to Parkhead for every home game. It could easily have been "scores" of them who complained.

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