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Gordon Brown will reshuffle his Government in "two or three weeks" - Telegraph


"Well, there'll have to be a reshuffle because they've been saying there will be one. But he hasn't got much scope for big changes - he's just too weak Reshuffles can be dangerous. If he tries to move someone who refuses to go, he'll end up harming himself.

Picture of Deckchairs on The Titanic from titanic-model.com


He doesn't dare have a re-shuffle.
His cabinet has started falling apart. He knows there are others who want to walk away, but they feel obliged to stay in post for now. But if he has a re-shuffle, they all get a free pass out of the cabinet room with a clear conscience, simply by declining any post he offers.

The party is bankrupt, the leader is busted, and the MPs are all terrified of the next election. Broon has nothing to offer. He is trying to sell tickets for the Titanic after the sinking, this is never a winning strategy.

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