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What if the whistle blows and no one else goes over the top?

politicalbetting.com » What did you do in the great Labour rebellion Daddy?

Spare a thought a thought this morning for Labour MPs as they agonise over what to do. Do they join the still handful of their colleagues who have taken massive risks with their careers to become part of the initial batch or do they wait and see?

It’s a very hard call because like all rebellions there will come a moment when the outcome is clear. Brown will go or have to face up to a party election or it will all fizzle out. At the moment it is hard to say.

Market turmoil will increase the pressure for them to act, even though The Great Helmsman is ringing round as I type saying now is no time to change the pilot and threatening the gang plank to any rebel. It might not be the threat of being fingered by Iain Dale that is worrying them, but that the Party never forgives rebels, however justified, especially if they force an early election which derails the gravy train.


I was down on the farm, son, putting up the barricades.

Are whistles still allowed to be blown except when waiting for the kettle to boil? Is there even any guarantee that the Laborites would even understand what to do when the whistle blew?

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