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Climate Wars - the discussion continues elsewhere

BBC "Climate Wars" ォ Climate Audit go and join the discussion:

The BBC describes the series as "The Climate Wars, geologist Dr Iain Stewart (Earth – The Power Of The Planet) presents a definitive guide to the history of climate change."

Definitive to me suggests some impartiality - but as I have linked elsewhere Dr Stewart is an activist, with an agenda. He finished the second programme saying how the third programme will show how our freedoms need to be curtailed. And in the BBC article above he finishes with:

Blaming scientific uncertainty is now not an option to delay action. Sure, actions by individuals can make a difference, but real progress will only come when individuals come together with a strong, common voice to demand that rhetoric turns into regulation. And that's where I see my role – in convincing ordinary folk that this is an issue that they should care about, not because it will affect them but, more insidiously, it will be their legacy to their kids and grandkids.

I think we can see how the series is building up to be a polemic demanding regulation rather than as any sort of definitive history.


One tenet of the AGW creed is only certified climate scientists have a valid opinion, unless you're a celebrity or politician with a pro-AGW bent anyway. So what's a geologist doing talking about the climate?

He's a jammy sod though. Got a ride in a Lightning during his last telly series.

Of course it will be such a polemic - this is the BBC after all.

A geologist should be an accute embarrassment to climate science because we KNOW what happened in the past!

Geology rocks!

Alan B (a trainee geologist who probably knows a more about past climate than many climate scientists.)

How will this reflect on the University of Plymouth? Sometimes publicity is not such a good thing. The governors should be considering the institutions future. How will this affect their funding and undergraduate intake when the truth surfaces?

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