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Canine Racists - Will the BBC ban them?

Kennel Club threatens to end 42-year contract with BBC - Telegraph

Shown last month, Pedigree Dogs Exposed showed how some of Britain's most popular dogs are plagued with health problems, ranging from cancer, epilepsy and heart disease, after decades of inbreeding.
The documentary said that some dog owners desperate to win rosettes at shows such as Crufts were deliberately breeding in deformities.

From what I have seen of the Dog breeders themselves they also have suffered from years of inbreeding and their bizarre obsessions with "breed standards" surpass any nose measuring Nazi or colour chart matching Boer for sheer nasty racism. Give me a dog with a bid of hybrid vigour anyday; a working sheepdog, a Jack Russell, a Fox Hound... and you can keep your flat faced wheezing balls of fluff for you to dream of breeding a master race with.


Ah yes - but as it was the BBC that made the claims re dog breeding, do we actually believe it? ... Er No!

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