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The Lottery of Life

Why we're all winners in the lottery of life - Scotsman.com News

FROM multi-million-pound grants aimed at transforming landmarks of Scotland's heritage to small sums preserving an endangered habitat or helping children research their local history, the Heritage Lottery Fund has proved to be a lifeline for many.....

Ah, the difference between Scotland and England; the Scots think they have won the lottery of life because pennies from heaven rain down on them whereas the English know they have, because as Rhodes said in some form or other, simply because they are English.


Despite the efforts of many it still rings true.

Well, the Scots seem to have solved one problem. Not only has the nurse shortage disappeared, they now have so many their NHS is sending them out to publicly ridicule overweight people and shaming them into joining Weight Watchers® groups.

*nurses won`t give an inch*

Jackie Reid, one of the Street Nurse team, said members of the public were usually happy to discuss their weight {HAH! - ed]...

Reid, a public health nurse, said: "We tend to pick places where people congregate, such as supermarkets. We just walk up and speak to people. We will be looking at the men with the paunches or women carrying external body fat who are an 'apple shape', as we know they are at higher risk of disease and cancer. If you are carrying core body fat around your middle, that's raising your cholesterol."

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