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Regulate the Interent

Internet needs a strong system of self-regulation - Times Online

John Whittingdale is a Conservative MP and chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee

I also believe that the internet industry should establish a self-regulating body. If the leading sites subscribe to an agreed set of standards, which can then be monitored and verified, then they will be able to reassure users, and parents in particular.

We have all seen how effective self regulation is with our politicians.... just bugger off and leave things beyond your ken alone.


If he is talking about a limited subset of the web, suitable for children, that is one thing. It doesn't need government regulation to set it up. There is nothing to stop a group of leading childrens' publishers and interested parties, eg scouts, guides, junior sports associations, childrens' TV favourites, from setting up their own portal or something of that ilk.

But if he is droning on about interfering with the web in general, he can go and pound sand. I'm not having my freedoms compromised just so that lazy parents can give their children net access without bothering to supervise them.

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