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Slopping Out

Plans to introduce 'slop bucket' collections to food scraps - Telegraph

Families will be expected to keep a kitchen "slop bucket" of food scraps, under a scheme proposed by Government advisors to allay worries about fortnightly rubbish collections.

The waste leftovers will be collected weekly, but the remaining household rubbish will only be picked up once every two weeks, under the proposals.

Researchers found that people living in areas that already have fortnightly rubbish collections - about half the population - were keen to have their food waste picked up once a week.

However, those who still on weekly collections were no so enamoured with the thought of keeping a slop bucket, the WRAP report said.

..more than one in 20 of those who trialled the slop buckets complained that they had suffered from pests.

Phillip Ward, from WRAP, insisted the scheme would help the environment. He said: "We must ensure that the food waste which is produced is diverted from landfill, so that we can avoid the production of methane and other global warming gases."

However, the local authorities responsible for collecting the leftover scraps have warned they will need new dustcarts and machinery to cope with it.

The cost would amount to around £10 per household, a charge likely to appear on council tax bills.

The Conservatives have said the food waste scheme is a device to justify the spread of fortnightly collections.

Shadow Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said: "Rather than helping the environment, this will only lead to a surge in fly-tipping and backyard burning. Under Labour, families are paying ever more in taxes, but their local services are being cut."

Slop buckets in kitchens might be alright if you live in a big house with a scullery but for ordinary people crammed in to our hutch sized housing it is a stinking dangerous disgusting idea. And when will someone slap the twat from WRAP around the face with a week old kipper carcass and remind him that we already collect the bloody methane from landfills to make power, we simply don't need an expensive new system.

(Well we might do because the Eu is banning our landfills and so we are having to pay for their stupidity, but that is another story).


We shall just have to fall back on the traditional method. A compost bin down at the end of the garden. From which, of course, all the methane escapes into the atmosphere.

This method, however, doesn't help folk whose main problem is disposal of dirty nappies.

I've been racking my brains to think of somewhere to retire, but each country has its drawbacks. However, at the rate these bastards are going, the Gulag Archipeligo will soon creep onto the list...

Compost.Yep. Get the "slop bucket" for "kitchen scraps" for a year, then stop collecting and suggest composting. Then issue buckets to replace toilets - two buckets, for liquid and semiliquid - for fertilizer and (as centuries of usage demonstrate) bleach. Also so you can tan Da's skin when the time comes for further recycling, perhaps as a chair cover.

All especially designed with high-rise flats in mind, of course. Yes, convert the armoire into a mushroom farm.

I do remember fifty years back, we in suburbs had an equivalent, basically a pail let into a concrete-lined hole in the ground: every other week a truck would pick up the contents for a pig farm. It was my deligtful duty to clean the pail every few months. But that was progress, my father as a child had the duty of emptying "night soil" bedroom accessories into the outhouse until sewers reached the neighborhod in the mid-twenties.

But now, "progress" is a nasty thing, and "regress" is the un-named ideal.

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