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Liberals too stupid for their own good - science shows

How scary is this spider? That may depend on your politics - Times Online

The participants were then given two laboratory tests, to establish their physiological responses to frightening or unexpected stimuli.

Those with “markedly lower physical sensitivity to sudden noises and threatening visual images” tended to support liberal positions, while those with strong responses tended to be more conservative.

This would fit with the hypothesis that people who have more fearful responses to perceived threats are more likely to be conservative, while those who have weaker responses develop more liberal views.

"Fearful" not in running away but hormonally preparing the body for one of the three Fs; Fight, flight or the other one. In other words being more aware of the surroundings, of potential threats and opportunities and being prepared to react to them. Liberals show a bovine stupidity and inability to notice or react to the world. They are a danger to themselves and to the rest of us.


Now, if we could figger out how to speed up evolution, .......

What were the stimuli? Pictures of Nick Clegg in bed with his 30 women? I'd be bloody terrified.

"Liberals show a bovine stupidity and inability to notice or react to the world." I love that. I am reminded of the liberal candidate who canvassed our house when I was a child. Mother told him as a military household we supported the Tories (i know long time ago). Sandal wearing corduroy jacketed canvasser then quoted Russel's line "Better red than dead". Mother replied "Better dead than red" and shut door.

That explains a lot - including why liberals tend to be pacifists as well.

Ah that explains why gun enthusiasts and the military are so left wing- The right are too afraid of the noises!
Could be that they've confused libertarian with left and authoritarian with right, I've seen this done before. Then those who are comfortable running there own lives are less easily startled than those who want government to sort them out.
Or it could be a nasty right wing plot to lull the left into a false sense of security.

The devil's in the details. Some of the "threatening visual images" used were pictures of a large spider on a person's eyeball, a dazed blody face or an open wound with maggots in it. I second the notion that researches ended up measuring the strength of the fight-or-flight response, but using the same logic behind "conservatives are fearful" we could as easily say that liberals lack empathy for their fellow man.

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