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Disseminating a moronic ... whoops! two banned words already...

The phrase Old Masters is sexist, authors and students are told - Telegraph

The list of banned words was written by the British Sociological Association, whose members include dozens of professors, lecturers and researchers.

The list of allegedly racist words includes immigrants, developing nations and black, while so-called "disablist" terms include patient, the elderly and special needs....
the BSA warns authors against using civilisation because of its "racist overtones that derive from a colonialist perception of the world".

Among the "sexist" terms to be avoided are "seminal" and "disseminate" because they are derived from the word semen and supposedly imply a male-dominated view of the world.

Prof Frank Furedi, a sociologist at the University of Kent, said he was shocked when he saw the extent of the list and how readily academics had accepted it.

"I was genuinely taken aback when I discovered that the term 'Chinese Whisper' was offensive because of its apparently racist connotations. I was moved to despair when I found out that one of my favourite words, 'civilised', ought not be used by a culturally sensitive author because of its alleged racist implications."

Prof Furedi said that censorship is about the "policing of moral behaviour" by an army of campaign groups, teachers and media organisations who are on a "crusade" to ban certain words and promote their own politically correct alternatives.


So, in the name of civility, it is uncivilised to mention civilisation.

*Where did "PC" speech come from? Communism! *

I don't see any mention of Jihadi, spick, wop, rag head, cripple, spastic , puff or turd burglar. Lucky that otherwise this comment might be considered insensitive.

Is douche bag listed?
You Brits really aught to wake up.

Do you have any freedoms left over there?

I believe "towel head" is preferred to "rag head." One wouldn't want to imply all Muslims were impoverished.

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