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Smith Lawson and Company - The man in charge

I recently blogged about the duplicitous and misleading Smith Lawson and Company , the pretend debt collectors who are part of the Student Loan Company - which is wholly owned by the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills and Scottish Ministers.

Having checked on the CV of the head man of the SLC I shouldn't have been surprised:

LOOK up Keith Bedell-Pearce in Who's Who and you will read that he is a distinguished solicitor with an impressive record in the boardrooms of some of Britain's top firms. His rewards from these years of service include a £3 million mansion.

But you will not read that he presided over the worst of the pensions and endowment misselling that has blighted the finance industry for the past two decades. ..He was the man in charge of Prudential's salesforce just when mis-selling of pensions and mortgage endowments reached its shameful peak in the late Eighties. ....


No doubt they'll soon be changing the student loan interest rates to save a few pennies.

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