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Heads in Sands, Hands in Wallets

- Bishop Hill blog - Mysterious announcement from the MetOffice

There's a news article just published at the Guardian reporting the announcement from the Met Office that "climate sceptics have their heads stuck in the sand".

His Grace wonders where this mysterious press release is, I think it maybe not that it has been pulled but that it hasn't yet been released. I sense a teleconnection with:

Met Office: Climate change - what you need to know
A seminar for professionals 2008
23 September 2008, Westminster, London
Cost for the one-day seminar per participant is £550 inc. VAT including tuition, handouts, lunch and refreshments

There's gold in them thar sands.....


Isn't the press release meant to come before the newspaper article? Or am I just very old-fashioned?

"This seminar is designed for professionals in the public and private sectors. It's particularly appropriate for those with responsibility for, or interest in, planning, projects and policies. No prior scientific training is required."

Shouldn't that continue to say "in fact is positively discouraged?"

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