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Let the Wirral kids go organic!

'Chemical cosh' Ritalin: The facts - Telegraph

Prescriptions vary widely around the country with the Wirral dispensing one drug such as Ritalin or similar for every seven children compared to Stoke on Trent where there was just one prescription for every 159 children

It is safe to presume that the vast majority of children "diagnosed" with ADHD are male, the "always on the move, running, climbing or jumping, as if driven by a motor that cannot be switched off" are very male characteristics. So up in the Wirral 2 out of 7 bys are drugged to control their behaviour, it isn't for their benefit, though much is made of it being necessary for them so they do well at school. It is for the benefit of their parents, and teachers, giving them control through drugs. Is that the way children should be brought up?


I,m not sure about the rest of the wirral but after driving through birkenhead to get to the tunnel I can see why the mass dosing with ritalin is a good thing.

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