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Airports to play Spot Mr Angry

New airport screening 'could read minds' - Telegraph

The Department of Homeland Security is testing a type of body scanner that seeks out invisible clues that a person might be harbouring criminal intent, such as raised body temperature, pulse and breathing rate.

That's me for the Marigolds then, even just the thought of the cattle crush that a US airport is starts to bring on the red mist. How anyone can endure being pushed and prodded for hours through them without either being fortified with strong liquor, or knowing that at the top of the stairs you will be turning left, or both is beyond me.


"... raised body temperature, pulse and breathing rate."

They'll stop me every time. I have Periperal Venous Disease (same as PAD but mostly involving veins rather than arteries) and walking more than one hundred feet induces all the mentioned symptoms. But perhaps I can sue, under the Disabilities Act?

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