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Where's the RSPB's Poultry Fund?

Lamb not on sea eagles’ menu, says RSPB - Times Online
A furious row has broken out between crofters in the remote western Highland moors and the RSPB after the conservation charity rubbished claims that sea eagles have been taking lambs.

The farmers, to the anger of conservationists, say that sea eagles have been targeting their lambs and destroying their already meagre income.

In the bad old days fox hunting gentlemen persuaded farmers not to commit vulpicide by establishing a "poultry fund" whereby non-hunting farmers were compensated for livestock taken by foxes. Obviously it was hard to verify the losses so it was normally administered by a local gentleman trusted by all, and empowered to overlook some exaggeration in the name of maintaining good relations. The RSPB could learn from this rather than calling farmers fibbers. It is after all far richer than any fox hunt ever was.


I couldn't find it now but several months ago I saw a video on Youtube of eagles taking goats so it wouldn't surprise me if lamb was also on their menu.

No comment on the eagles taking lambs story, but that Youtube video of an eagle taking a goat was staged.

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