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Conference Trimmings

Labour needs a wand to make Gordon Brown disappear | Alice Miles - Times Online
Oh that was painful. Agony. It was squirmingly, screamingly, startlingly bad. It was dull. It was plodding. It was morose....delegates lapped it up. This is Labour at its worst, introverted, dogmatic, and huddled around a loser.

It was “an excellent conference speech”, said David Blunkett afterwards - “it'll need a bit of assessment as to how much it reaches the public outside”. Nicely put.

Yes, we need a new settlement, with an exit door for Gordon Brown. He has to go and he will. In the strange otherworld that has passed for a conference this week - “taking tea on the Titanic”, as one minister put it - that much is absolutely clear. Mr Brown is a good, decent man but he cannot lead Labour to the next election

Sometimes I give thanks for MSM journalists as it is only they who are paid to, the deluded who want to and the bizarre who choose to, who actually listened to the ramblings from the conference platform. I had better things to do, and thank you, yes my toenails are now nicely trimmed.


Once Cameron has shattered every illusion that the Lefties have about Brown's leadership next week, this speech will be forgotten quickly.

Well, it will be interesting from Saturday on.

Gordon Brown a good, decent man? He's a dogmatic socialist who has systematically immiserated the country and led it into a slump that will be much worse than it could have been by his arrogance and stupidity. In a just world his ejection from office would be via a trapdoor with a rope round his neck, not getting ditched by the PLP.

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