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Trying to get councils to obey the law

Man takes on parking wardens in landmark legal challenge - Telegraph

Neil Herron, known as the "metric martyr", will appear at the High Court today to ask for a judicial review into the parking regime.

Mr Herron has two claims - that many tickets are invalid because of flaws in parking regulations, and that the adjudicator who deals with complaints is not independent.

He said: “The law is a two-way street and it is not acceptable for councils to themselves ignore the law whilst claiming to uphold it.”

The 45-year-old market trader from Sunderland is known as the “metric martyr” after he successfully opposed attempts by the EU to impose metric measurements on Britain.

Not forgetting his role also in the defeat of the regionalisation of England and the NE assembly. The man is a national hero.


Good luck to the Mackem Martyr

He truly is.

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