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Libdems learn about truth in advertising

Liberal Democrat 'nuisance calls' invaded householders' privacy - Telegraph

The calls were described as a "nuisance" by opponents, and complaints were made to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)...after a short investigation, the party has now been issued with an enforcement notice under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations ordering officials to cease using the tactic or face prosecution.

"The ICO has consistently made clear that the promotion of a political party counts as marketing. "

Does that mean they have to be truthful as well now or they can face prosecution if they tell porkies?


It shows how ineffective the Office of the Information Commissioner is against junk callers. There was plenty of discussion after the Liberals announced that they were going to make lots of junk calls so they should have known that it was illegal or at least asked the OIC for clarification.

Just imagine if they decided that they would wrap leaflets around bricks then throw these through the windows of 250,000 homes as a method of communication with the electorate. Would the police just ask them not to do it again?

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