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Welcome to the future, you are a number.

Britons face carbon spotchecks • The Register
Britons should be subjected to random carbon spotchecks and intensive surveillance of their diets, transport and waste disposal habits, says the Government's architecture and design quango in a new report today.

The word "monitoring" occurs 19 times in the 32-page publication by the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). If the proposals in the report What Makes An Eco Town?are implemented few aspects of life will go unrecorded.....

The Carbon Cult also wants to choose what you food you eat, and will carefully pre-select only the most righteous retailers. Veggies will be pleased to read that the report recommends "actively seeking retailers on site who will commit to supporting residents in reducing the ecological footprint of their food consumption, in particular providing a wide variety of healthy, low meat and dairy options."

One statistic that won't be recorded is the mortality rate from suicide caused by living in such a grimly regimented and obsessively monitored environment...

You can download the report from here - and it's well worth a read. It has the zeal of a Maoist revolutionary order, as written by the most anally-retentive bureaucrat who ever lived. ®


No doubt monitoring involves coming into our homes and sifting through our rubbish bins.

If you actually read the report you'll notice that the monitoring is to establish just how "eco" the towns are, rather than to check up on the people living there. But that kind of sensible, research-based policy making just doesn't make copy for poor old Orlowski on The Reg!

"at least 50 per cent on-site renewable energy generation should be possible. Decentralised energy generation has an important role to play in the future energy mix but the technical and economic feasibility depends on the renewable resources available in each location and the cost and availability of technology"

Ah, the elusive technology that will make all this possible...

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@ Letters from someone else:
"Studies have shown that it is possible to reduce the ecological footprint of food by around 60 per cent by significantly reduced meat and dairy consumption (meat and dairy accounts for 50 per cent of the ecological footprint of our food), by eating local, seasonal food, through improved efficiency of farming and by reducing food waste. Between 25 per cent and 40 per cent of all food is wasted in the supply chain or by consumers. Just by eating a healthy diet according to government guidelines, an individual can reduce the ecological footprint of their food consumption by 15 per cent."

Studies also have shown the increase in rickets and other malnourishment when meat and dairy is removed from diets. Moreover, a large part of the population is too 'underprivileged' to feed themselves properly, if you take away their meat and dairy and make them plan complex vegetarian food that needs careful planning to prevent disease and malnutrition, other disasters will ensue.

As for 'local, seasonal' food, that is complete hogwash, because modern planning and technology still is more efficient than old-style distribution which used to waste far more than we now do. Remarkably, the discipline of maths called 'Operations Research' which was invented in WW2 to keep our army supplied just-in-time is still in use today and has been refined into the modern techniques that allow us to feed, water, clothe and warm many times more people that the UK could ever support with those trusty methods of old that certain Luddites wish were reinstated.

As for eating a healthy diet reducing waste -- that's nonsense, people who cook from scratch always waste more in food and energy than people who purchase TV dinners to heat in the microwave.

So, that paper is simple a collection of unrealistic rubbish and wishful thinking of people who have no idea about how (and why) the modern world works.

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