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Nannystate misery-guts spoilsportism - they said it!

Consumers should cut meat and milk intake to combat climate change - Telegraph

Consumers will have to satisfy themselves with four small portions of meat and one litre of milk a week to slow down escalating climate change, a major new report has warned.
The study also recommends a cut in consumption of low nutritional value foods such as alcohol, chocolate and sweets, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by their production, along with a return to wartime practices of shopping on foot, buying local products and cooking in bulk.
It concedes that people are unlikely to make such changes voluntarily, and so suggests caps on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and carbon pricing to control what food is available at what price.

However, it concedes that this approach "raises enormous questions and accusations of nannystate misery-guts spoilsportism".


I doubt even the cunts 'running the country' at the moment would try to implement this but if they try to cut down what meat I can eat then the local rabbit, pigeon and squirrel population will feel the wrath of my Webley...

Socialists demand hair-shirt measures.

What's new?

For one three thousandths of a degree? Which is the new downgraded estimate of Britain's 'contribution' to any putative 'warming' effect. Warming? What bloody warming?. Don't these people step outside? Two washout summers so far, and a deep solar minima with possibly more to come. I still say "CO2 causes warming" is a con to sell the farcical "carbon credits".

The warmista's should beware the axiom: "Deus impeditio esuritori nullus" (Nothing can stop a hungry man). Or an angry hungry one.

When the last Mad Cow disease cut out beef on the bone, a camera crew went to the Carnivores Restaurant in London and asked a rather hairy cutomer what he would eat now. His reply "two vegetarians on a spit!" Such a fine example.

The insufferable lying morons need to take a dive in a shark tank.

reckon the dumbfuck twats who wrote the report should be made to live on one turnip per day for the rest of their lives, which i hope won't be long ones

This really must be the Eco-Marxists Utopia, absolute & total control of everyone & everything we do, think, say, eat, drink, all in the name of Global Warming that isn't there except in the mind (False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR = CONTROL, the oldest trick in the book)! The Food Climate Research Network must be in the bidding to turn the University of Surrey into the biggest tax-payer funded lunatic asylum the country has ever known, shear lunacy!

Of course the "special" people in this Eco-Marxist Utopia will obviously require extra rations of beef, pork, lamb, fish, alcohol, rice, pasta, vegetables & of course Carbon Credits (paid for by the prols naturally) to help them bear the awfull traumatic responsibility they carry upon their shoulders in deciding what we prols live on, think, say, & do! Just look at every ditatorship left or right-wing around the world, the people have little or nothing but the rulers & leaders have plenty, no news there then!

More & more regulations, & rules telling us how to live our lives by those who no best, the naive will think it's all a response to a terrible situation, but those who can see thro' the mist & fog of bureaucratic subterfuge will understand what's happening. It must really be like going senile, you know it's happening, but can't do anything about it!

There's never a revolution in the air when you need one!

I am sick and f*****g tired of seeing signs all over telling me what I should or should'd do. My lifestyle is nothing to do with the sick b*****ds trying to sell me high priced, low quality crap. Shops are there to make a profit by mutual agreement, they sell, I buy if it benefits me more than the cost. Otherwise they can get out of my face.

This is part of the nanny state (soon to be police state) in which "nudging" is the norm until the ban is introduced. Have you noticed the increase in the number of adverts and media articles telling how you should lead you life? Look at the history and note the direction. Freedom of all sorts is at risk. You don't often hear a communist national complain ...

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