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Negative Equity in America - I Want Musso To Rescue Me

Congress is the best advert for dictatorship | Camilla Cavendish - Times Online

We needed leadership. We got childish shenanigans on Capitol Hill. Thank goodness, Europe is finding its own way

Welcome to the post-American world. It has come sooner than we expected. But as bank shares gyrate and the livelihoods of millions of people are at stake, the country I have loved for so long looks as parochial and myopic as a banana republic....This woeful absence of leadership is a hammer blow to America's status as a great power....The most flattering reading of the turmoil in Congress this week has been that this is democracy in action. Personally, I have never felt more attracted to benign dictatorship. But the reality is that politicians who are using their taxpayers as an excuse to do nothing are condemning those same taxpayers to suffer: savers, homeowners, employees and entrepreneurs struggling to make a go of the businesses that will create the wealth the world needs.

It should come as a desperate irony to every American that the only grown-ups today are in the capitals of Europe.

Oh Diddums! A gale blows through your savings and you want to run to the comfort and security of European Dictators rather than wait a few days for the slow and imperfect democratic processes. Some people would prefer to live in a shack under freedom than in a palace under European dictatorship.


Uh, aren't mortgage lenders in Europe in the same trouble and for much the same reasons (government insistence on feel-good lending practices with the usual "unintended consequences" results) as the US? And are there not the same "bailout" options being booted? And isn't the Russia of near-dictator Putin (OK, maybe not benevolent, but closer to dictator than Germany or France) in even more financial trouble now that he can't get loans?

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