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Give me Freedom and/or Death

The anti-smoking campaign to nationalise our bodies | Mick Hume - Times Online

It's not just the banks. Today marks the next stage in the campaign to nationalise our bodies. Not content with those big written warnings on packets - Smoking Kills/Causes Impotence/Destabilises the Financial System, etc - the authorities are replacing them from today with stark pictures of what smoking can do:... know that smoking is bad for you. And so, by now, does everybody else. Yet the lifestyle police cannot accept that any thinking individual could simply choose to ignore their lectures and carry on smoking. “Let's show them pictures - they must be too thick to read!”

There are bigger issues here than discoloured teeth. In his essay On Liberty, J.S.Mill took a stand not only for freedom of thought and speech, but also for “liberty of tastes and pursuits...of doing as we like, subject to such consequences as may follow [ie, if you smoke don't sue tobacco companies] without impediment from our fellow creatures, so long as what we do does not harm them, even though they should think our conduct foolish, perverse, or wrong”.

...the anti-smokers' real aim is to get you to cleanse yourself by changing what they think is your foolish, perverse and wrong behaviour, regardless of any harm it may or may not do to others. They have banned smoking in public places; they are pushing to ban it in private homes. Ultimately they want to ban it in your body and soul....They apparently believe that personal freedom has turned us into disgustingly obese, drunken ignoramuses, riddled with self-inflicted sexually transmitted and smoking-related diseases. I ask you, is that a healthy attitude?

Our personal freedom is under attack as never before. What I don't understand why it is that legal and long established freedoms to stuff our bodies with cream cakes, fine ales and Marlboro lights are vilified daily but newer freedoms to stuff our bodies with things that were or are illegal such as cocaine, filthy pictures or by buggery never have a word said against them.


The French, ever practical in such matters, have taken to using leather cases that fit over a cigarette packet.

Cocaine, porn and buggery are "progressive"...

Btw, did you see the email regarding shooting?

Just accept the fact that we are all now criminals by default.Nothing they do will ever change the way I wish to live.

The usual lies about deaths from smoking. The current claim is 86,000-90,000. How can they tell? They can't. As John Brignell says they just invent. Also, if someone dies at 90 and they have been a smoker, they will go down as a smoking related death.

An interesting stat on the box today, tobacco revenue, 8 billion, estimated cost to NHS 80 million.

Uh, is this not [tantamount to] child abuse? If the older versions of nursery rhymes/stories can be so characterised, surely pictures such as those proposed must be.

OTOH, they may be collectibles in a couple of generations as are the inserts that were included with the packages in the first quarter of the last century. Being from the US, and not all that interested anyway, I do not know what they go for, but I know a chewing-gum baseball card of Honus Wagner can pay off the mortgage on a four-bedroom house.

I believe the term is "Guilty untill proven innocent." Freedom is certainly dying a slow, painful death.

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