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Shipping them to Germany for Thought Crimes

'Holocaust denier' arrested at Heathrow - Times Online

A leading Holocaust denier was arrested as he flew into Britain yesterday, accused of running an internet site that insisted that the Nazis had not murdered millions of Jews.

Huh? you think. Didn't realise that was a crime here now.

Dr Toben was arrested in transit from America to Dubai, the court was told. Tina Whybraw, for the Crown, on behalf of the German authorities, said that he was accused of committing the offences in Australia, Germany and other countries...When police boarded the aircraft Dr Toben had moved seats “to avoid detection” and told officers “you can’t arrest me on British soil”, she said.

The extradition request is being made under the European Arrest Warrant, a fast-track procedure to allow criminal suspects to be sent between European states.

The warrant, which came into force in January 2004, abolished the principle of “dual criminality” that existed under old extradition laws. This means that someone in Britain can be extradited for something that is not a crime here - as long as it is a criminal offence in the state requesting extradition.

The reform was rushed through in part as a response to terrorism after September 11. Ministers also argued that it would speed up a cumbersome and slow extradition process, helping criminals to be brought more swiftly to justice.

Critics pointed out, however, that people could find themselves charged with an offence they did not know existed because racism or xenophobia, for example, can be interpreted differently in different jurisdictions. The spectre of “thought crime”, a person facing trial for broadcasting xenophobic or racist remarks such as denying the Holocaust on an internet chatroom in another country - as alleged against Dr Toben - was the very criticism raised against the warrant before it took effect.

Lord Filkin, then the Home Office Minister, said when the legislation went through Parliament that no one would be extradited for conduct that was legal in Britain.

Yet again we see how the Government lies and how laws brought in to cover terrorism are abused to destroy freedom.

I know nothing of Dr Toben, but even if he is the most unpleasant little shit in the world he should not be in prison here for a thought crime that isn't illegal here. If we can send an Australian to Germany for an internet thought crime, how soon will it be a British Subject exercising their right to free speech on a computer here who is sent off to some European court for some other thought crime.

H/t Mr FM


What was it you said about Jacques Chirac again?

Exactly. How much longer can I go on expressing doubts about global warming? There have already been calls to treat 'global warming denial' in the same way.

Anytime soon I expect, that little gem is a legacy of Blind Pew, moumental cretin that He is.

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