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Pickles Guilty Of Thought Crime

Tory Apologies For Prescott Joke (from This Is Wiltshire)

Mr Pickles told the audience in Birmingham: "When old Prescott came out as bulimic I thought, 'I wonder if I've added to that'. I thought for a while, and I thought: 'Good'."

However, health experts have now warned that the remarks were "dangerous" and could prevent sufferers coming forward to seek treatment.

Susan Ringwood, chief executive of the eating disorder support group Beat, said: "We are disappointed by this irresponsible and thoughtless comment.

"Any comments that might prevent someone from seeking treatment by trivialising the condition are potentially very dangerous. Eating disorders are a serious mental illness and still too often misunderstood.

So the fact that our Deputy Prime Minister had an unlikely condition and suffered from "a serious mental illness" is beyond the pale for a light hearted remark.

Susan Ringwood is the chief executive officer for Beat, a not-for-profit organization devoted to beating eating disorders in the United Kingdom. After initially training as a teacher, Susan has spent 28 years working in the not-for-profit sector in regional, national and international roles.

What was it we were saying about the over reaching State in all it's guises....


Oh, it's not just the bulimics' mouthpiece that is up in arms. The suicides' mouthpiece wants in on that action too...!

I know about serious disease; in my youth I suffered from tuberculosis. I am currently nursing my dear wife who suffers from breast cancer and advanced multiple sclerosis one of which will be fatal sooner or later, we still manage to enjoy life by taking each day as it comne. Bulimia is a non-disease invented by silly little girls; while Prescott is nothing but a big girls blouse. Mr. Pickles, your apology was unnecessary and does not become you Sir!

If the awful Prescott is sensitive about his bulimia then he should remember that he was the person who first brought it up.

*cough* I'll get my coat...

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