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Swiss Army Death Threat to Britain's Streets

TK Maxx sold jackets with knifes attached - Telegraph
The Swiss-made Strellson jacket, which was reduced from £200 to £59 at the discount clothing shop, has a metal chain with a Vecorinox officer’s knife on the end attached to the lining.
“It’s horrendous. They’re promoting knife crime.
“Someone could get hurt. I hope whoever came up with that idea gets a big fine.”

"Vecorinox officer’s knife"? Do they mean Victorinox Swiss Army knife? (Officer's knife is an Americanism and the misspelling of Victorinox is just sheer laziness.) Either way I'm fleeing the streets in terror at the idea I may be poked by a tool for getting stones out of horses hooves or threatened by the death of a thousand cuts from a pair of folding scissors...


From The Times: 'Last year a T.K. Maxx assistant was stabbed to death 11 times by a cleaner at a store'.

Must have used all the tools, then.


Well, I'm an American and I've always called them Swiss army knives - I've never heard "officer's knife" before. I'm a nicenearly-middle-aged lady and I carry one, my mom (senior citizen)carries one...this is just crazy!

I love this piece from the report.

"Last year a TK Maxx shop assistant was stabbed to death 11 times at a store in Thurmaston, Leicestershire."

Stabbed to death 11 times, how unfortunate for the assistant, but reat powers of recovery.

Don't forget the toothpick - you can have someone's eye out with that.

I'm usually tooled up with a Leatherman, a Swiss Army knife, a lockknife and a flickknife. If I walked down the street in Leicester they'd probably scramble the police helicopter and call out the Tactical Firearms Unit. Fortunately I live in a sensible country.

I'm sure I remember reading that every boy in the country was sent a penknife on coronation day- that produced a massive surge in the murder rate! Seriously it's people who commit crimes, not inanimate objects- and why pay £60 for a knife when you can pinch a kitchen knife for free? BTW I did hear a month ago of a fight in Hampshire between spanner weilding youths, so expect difficulties with car repair in future.

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