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Temerarious Advice from the H&S

Police bravery award 'encourage risky acts' - Telegraph

Helen Reynolds, a health and safety officer with Lancashire Constabulary, said that the current phrase, which praises officers for acting “with no thought to his or her safety” should be toned down.
She suggested changing the words to "fully recognising the risks to their own safety".

Surprisingly I think she may have a point, bravery isn't about acting when unaware of the danger, that is foolhardiness; bravery is about being aware of the danger and then risking it.


I almost feel sorry for people as stupid and naive as Helen.

To get a VC or a George Cross you not only have to perform an act that the awarding panel considers has a 90% chance of getting you killed (which is why these things are so often posthumous), but you have to do it while fully cognisant that you're probably not going to be around to have the medal pinned on you by the Queen.

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