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The New Department of Hot Air

TheFatBigot Opines: Oh good, the government is changing the climate

Yesterday we learned that we are to have a new government department, the Department for Climate Change and Energy. I wonder whether it will really be concerned with climate change. ..

One might, therefore, be tempted to welcome the creation of a government department concerning itself with climate change because of the practical impact the climate can have on future expenditure. The problem, of course, is that there is precious little chance of the new department being concerned with anything so mundane.... Is it just window dressing to keep the greenies happy or is it a real element of the new Department?...

Perhaps there is hope. Perhaps it is just window dressing. My fear is that adding "Climate Change" to the name of a government department is just another excuse to raise taxes now that he has run out of money and the financial faeces has hit the fan. What I would prefer is a government that had the courage to look carefully at the evidence for human activity making a detrimental change to climate, look at the things the greenies tell us we have to do to change our ways, assess the effect such a change in behaviour will have on the people of this country and have the courage to say it will not happen on their watch. Gordon is not noted for courage, but you can't stop a fat man dreaming.

Dream on Fat Man - with another one of the appalling Miliblands in charge, as green, climate change obsessed and Europhile as they come - the prospect of our lights going out seems unavoidable., and of us being lectured, taxed and regulated.


What makes the Miliband brand so influential? I bet it isn't qualifications!

I'm going to invest in a diesel generator and a calor gas heater or two before the prices go through the roof.

Yet more of our money wasted on ignorance.

Fame at last, I can hardly believe it. Time for a small therapeutic beverage.

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