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Too Much Ozone - Thousands to die!

Failure to fight ozone pollution 'puts lives in danger' - Times Online
Human health and food production are being damaged because too little is being done to control worldwide ozone levels, a report by the Royal Society says. ..
Regulations to control the gas have been introduced by Britain and other industrialised nations but it is still present in quantities well above safe levels, largely because it is carried by air currents from other parts of the world. Levels close to the ground have risen 6 per cent each decade since the 1980s, the Royal Society says in its report, which calls for concerted international action. ...
An estimated 1,582 people died in 2003 because of the effects of ozone. Deaths are conservatively forecast to rise by 51 per cent to 2,391 by 2020 because of pollution and climate change.
Significant reductions in crop yields because of ozone have been observed in Europe and North America, with £5 billion being knocked off the value of arable crops in Europe in 2000 alone. The nutritional values of wheat, rice and soya bean are all known to be reduced by the chemical.
In regions including South Asia the losses to crops such as wheat and rice are forecast to be so serious that they may cause food shortages. ...

They wouldn't be trying to start a new scare would they? Luckily I have the answer, a few old aerosol cans of Brut left over from the 1970s should reduce the levels nicely......


You can tell at a glance that this is nonsense on stilts. How? That suspiciously precise number of 1582 people coupled with the weasel word 'estimated'. Six hundred thousand people die in the UK every year, give or take, so any number quoted to single digits is clearly bollocks.

So, am I getting so old that I am getting to see the other end of a scare?
THe opening of the ozone layer meant ozone was escaping, and so that was bad. Now we have closed the Ozone layer, the ozone left over is killing us?

As I remember, ozone is just oxygen with an extra molecule making O3 rather than O2. I guess someone somewhere decided that if we could be scared into being frightened of CO2 - our natural exhaust, extra moleculed Oxygen would be a piece of cake!

what a mad world I ended up in!


You may like to view the US Environmental Protection Agency website for Ozone Layer Depletion.

Here you’ll find information about the science of ozone depletion, EPA’s regulatory approach to protecting the ozone layer, alternatives to ozone-depleting substances, and sun safety.

Oh my God! The number of people who died from "ozone" (like they can possibly have the faintest clue whether anyone actually did) is 0.00002% of the world's population! Let's change the world! To illustrate how pathetic this is, the national average salary is £22,411. 0.00002% of that is nearly one half of one penny. Would you change your lifestyle to save that each year? Just think, every 300 years you could afford to buy a half pint of beer in my local pub...

As much as I love to bash the Greenies, there is a difference between tropospheric ozone and stratospheric ozone. Your '70s aerosol won't help in breaking down the ozone where it matters.

Well, wanker (and I use the term respectfully) you obviously weren't around for the original aerosol ads - admittedly Brut won't work, but the Hai Karate ads had a bird that would send my ozone straight to the stratosphere...

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