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Zealots prevent LHC Black Hole forming?

Large Hadron Collider broke down because of bad soldering on a single connection - Telegraph

"It is very probable that there was a connection that wasn't good," said Lyn Evans, project leader...he did not think a single fault in 10,000 connections was bad, but "it cost dearly".

Perhaps they were using lead free solder?

John Brignell: March of the zealots

"A classic example was the ban on lead in solder. It was completely unjustified by available evidence yet imposed virtually without serious thought. Leadless solder is not only considerably more expensive, it is unreliable, being subject to dry joints and cracks. We are talking about people being killed here, for there are now many applications of electronics on which human lives depend, let alone livelihoods. Notably, military applications were excluded."

H/t D Ambler


Which is why anyone with any electrical engineering knowledge has stashed away a couple of reels of leaded solder for a rainy day.

Idiots vs engineers once again, and we've let the idiots win. Again.

I'm a MIL STD 2000-qualified electronic assembly technician from back in the day when I was a test engineer in an electronics factory and I can assure you that one bad joint in 10,000 is WAY below par. A system full of big PCBs can have that many joints, and one of them being iffy is not acceptable. When you're spending ten or eleven figures on a project, you hope your QA is up to snuff.

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