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Dump Diving

Britain 'could be mining landfill for gold in a decade' - Telegraph

Hundreds of delegates from metal, plastic and waste disposal companies are expected to gather for a conference on landfill mining in London at the Royal School of Arts.
With commodity prices rising, landfill mining is an increasingly viable option for countries like Britain. ...Companies will go in primarily to extract methane and recover plastic, that can be converted to liquid fuel or recycled, but could also mine precious metals.

Another reason why landfill is such a good idea, you don't want that old plastic bottle now, it isn't economic to recycle that mobile phone at the moment, you can either at great expense do it anyway now or you can leave it in a hole in the ground until such time as it is worthwhile. And while you are building up your stock the bugs are naturally, without any fuss, cleaning up all the organic waste and turning it into methane which you can tap. It is so bloody simple and obvious.


Woohoo! I'll be able to spend my dotage scavanging the waste tips of Britain. Then again, if the economy keeps going the way it is at the moment this is a distinct possibility anyway.

Well, about every second Antiques Roadshow has

"And where did you come by this two thousand pound artwork?"

"Found it in a skip, din't I."

Presumably, if there is any potential for future earnings for this waste, it would behove local authorities to make it worth our while to seperate it out at source, and then keep it seperate.

Why can't we keep recycling skips as local as possible? We have legions of long-term unemployed folk who could be put to work collecting the recyclable waste from their communities every day, moving it to local vermin-proof skips. The bin men would still be employed to empty the skips.

Many years ago I met a chap in a pub who told me that the source of his (considerable) fortune was that he saw a chance that no-one else saw; in 1938 and 1939 he paid money to farmers in Wilts/Dorset for the rights to trap rabbits on their land for years to come. The farmers thought he was stupid and grabbed his money, when meat went on ration he cleaned up.
Perhaps it's time to buy the mining rights on old tips.

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