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DNA of 1,800 people every day added to police database - Telegraph

Overall the number of DNA profiles on the database increased from 3.78million to 4.43million by the end of March 2008, the National Policing Improvement Agency said. Taking into account replication factors, there were 4.1 million different individuals represented on the database.

Of those, 3.25million had a conviction, caution or formal warning which means that over 730,000 people were innocent of any offence.

The NPIA said that 244,514 young people under the age of 18 are included on the database.

Under 84 years to get everyone at this rate - so nothing to worry about???


I'll bet that these figures do not count speeding tickets, which are, of course a criminal issue.

A little time ago I tried to find out how many people in the UK had a criminal record, counting speed tickets and all. I have been unable to find this out, but suspect that it's somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of all adults. It may be more. If so, we are probably the most criminal country in history...?

The title of this post may have been borrowed from the Telegraph, but it is misleading.

The National DNA Database is held by the Forensic Science Service on behalf of the nation; it is not held in any way, shape or form by the police, who merely enforce the law on collecting samples from offenders for subsequent inclusion on it.

So don't blame the cops, it's really not their doing; they merely apply laws made by politicians.

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