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A Spoonful of Sugar

Sugar 'makes you sweeter' - Telegraph

The findings suggest a link between glucose levels and the expression of prejudice and the use of stereotypes.
They believe that sweet drinks give people a sugar rush that helps supply the brain with the fuel needed to suppress outspoken opinions.

"People with lower glucose levels are more likely to use stereotypes when describing others and, if they are high in prejudice, are more likely to make derogatory statements."
The researchers from Amsterdam University and Florida State University added: "When people engage in the act of trying to control public expressions of prejudice or the use of stereotypes, they consume the energy required for self-regulation.
"However, once the energy source is restored to normal levels, people regain the ability to control conscious responses towards others.

Which is why I always blog before I have had my breakfast and my Wheetybangs covered in dark Muscovado sugar - after that I'm the epitome of reasonableness and tolerance.


This has serious implications for the serious ranter.

And I only comment after two or three cans of Dr. Pepper.

"after that I'm the epitome of reasonableness and tolerance"

Of course you are.

Except where blackberries are concerned.

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