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The Green Future - Freedom Gets It

Olympics in cyberspace, lab-grown meat, licences to have children, climate change denial a crime, and return of the launderette: welcome to 2030 - Scotsman.com News

A CHILLING world where licences are required for having children and questioning global warming is a crime could be ushered in by climate change, a report out today predicts.
Governments could ban car ownership and automatically switch off power-hungry devices such as kettles and washing machines if households exceeded energy quotas.

The scenario is one of five potential responses to climate change described by a panel of 60 experts in the study by Forum for the Future, a sustainable development group.

Who claim "We know more and more about the environmental impacts of climate change every day. Models can project temperature rises and rainfall trends at a regional, and soon even national, level. Our understanding of complex climate feedback loops is advancing quickly....There are some details about climate change we don’t know yet – how quickly it will happen, exactly where different impacts will be felt or if we are nearing a tipping point that irreversibly changes our climate system forever. But climate change is a scientific certainty. We know that over the medium and long term temperatures will rise, the frequency of storms will increase and rainfall patterns will shift, dousing some areas and leaving other areas parched. Ecosystems will be destabilised, ice caps and glaciers will melt and sea levels will rise. These impacts form the backdrop to all of our scenarios."

In other words we haven't got a clue what will happen but we like making up scary stories.
One of the upsides of the growing recession is that the likes of Hewlett Packard will be less likely to spunk away cash on drivel like this.


There must be some way of harnessing the energy from Bill and Dave birling in their graves when they see what HP has become.

Who wrote this b****cks?

Oh, I see, a "sustainable development group".

Translation: some people who want to frighten you into buying their stuff.

And if that doesn't work, they'll lobby the government to MAKE you buy their stuff. See under "Windfarm Industry".

Snake-oil salesmen, the lot of them.

Check the last year's temperature records. Where's yer global warming noo? And note that CO2 levels are still rising. So that's scientifically proved then. And I am Henry the Eighth.

I've read a growing number of these "the science is getting stronger every day" statements recently, but nowhere do I find any scientific material to back up the claim. The closest they have come is Mann's re-working of the Hockey Stick using a new, but equally flawed, statistical technique. Old Bertie Einstein had it right when he said the greatest theory is nothing if it does not reflect what actually happens in nature.

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