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Dave take a memo - Tories win by ditching green taxes

Canadian election: Carbon tax proposals sealed Liberal defeat - Telegraph

The Liberals were handed a sound defeat on the issue of the environment, especially a carbon tax to fight global warming.

Cameron and other leaders are taking notes, or they should be at least. The green vote isn't as powerful as it pretends, especially when it will hurt the wallet.


Taxing carbon seem to ignore every other major pollutant in the environment, which I just can't get my head round - more CO2 is not great news but surely there are a range of other problems out there!

Check out this post on Anthony Watts blog. Arctic Sea Ice increasing rapidly.

North of the 49th parallel people tend to notice these things. CO2 still up, but the glass is falling.

No word of this from the Warmista's or their Media friends. Glad my SUV has got snow tyres on.

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