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Mandelson - No Sleaze Busting For Him

Mandelson snubbed as "Anti-Corruption Champion" - Paul Waugh - Evening Standard

This is embarassing to say the least for Peter Mandelson. Jack Straw has just announced in a written ministerial statement that he - and not the Business Secretary - has been personally appointed by Gordon Brown as the Govermennt's official "Anti-Corruption Champion"....

Shadow Justice Secretary Nick Herbert is quick onto this: "We're being told that it's all sweetness and light between Gordon and Lord Mandelson, but for some inexplicable reason the Prime Minister has decided not to trust his new Business Secretary with an anti-corruption portfolio held by the previous incumbent. Surely the former European Commissioner is qualified for the job?"

I can't think of any reason why Peter shouldn't be trusted with the anti-corruption portfolio, can you?


Appointing Mandelson in an 'anti-corruption' role is the sort of spectacularly surreal event that has one checking the calendar to see if it's April 1st. It's as if one were to go to sleep and wake up in the morning in a parallel universe. The only way 'Mandelson' and 'anti corruption' should appear in the same sentence is if they are accompanied by 'ongoing CPS investigation'.

Well they don't want to give him authority to dig for pay dirt do they! The man can't be trusted to treat the information with proper discretion.

You also forget one thing: no sensible leader appoints a potential enemy as his chief of secret police.

What happens if the pair have another lovers' tiff? Would Gordo want Mandie in a position to either block a convenient investigation or institute inconvenient ones?

Nah. Straw's a much safer bet. Provided he gets the chance to hobnob with dolly ladies of colour he's much less likely to cause trouble than Mandie.

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