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Gordon's Megalomaniac Lust For Power

Gordon Brown wants to rewrite the rules of capitalism - Telegraph

He said: "We now have global financial markets, global corporations, global financial flows. But what we do not have is anything other than national and regional regulation and supervision."
He now wants to create a new system of international financial regulation, led by a reformed and enlarged IMF. "We need a global way of supervising our financial system."
....Some British diplomats speculate that Mr Brown might aspire to take on the leadership of a reformed IMF or some other leading post in a new financial regime.
Mr Brown ducked a question asking if he had any aspirations of a new job in the new "financial and regulatory architecture" he says he wants to construct.
Smiling broadly, he replied only: "I am not an architect."

Tony only wanted to be leader of Europe and solve the Middle East problem, Gordon wants to run the world by running its economy. He really believes he has been the greatest chancellor ever and that he is the great helmsman the world needs. He is mad.


Classic case of megalomania.

"Gordon wants to run the world by running its economy"

You really must check your spelling more carefully, it's "ruIning".

Warning to all nations; Don't let the bugger get his hands on your gold reserves.

Architect this. The more the money is fractional reserve. The more you pay out nothing but paper money for the ounce of gold. The more you earn the money. The more the money becomes capital money and the less you pay out for the ounce of gold. Earned money is than to produce and to know what you are selling economics.

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