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Brown to tax us more to save us.

Financial crisis: Public spending will not be cut, says Gordon Brown - Telegraph

The Prime Minister instead said that he would spend to get the economy moving.

Some ministers privately believe that Mr Brown should be prepared to talk about cutting spending as the Government's debts mount.

The Treasury has forecast that spending will exceed tax revenues by £43 billion this year. But independent economists say borrowing is likely to be as much as £90 billion

"We are spending more to get the economy moving." Mr Brown admitted that "hard and difficult times" lie ahead as tax revenues fall and welfare bills rise.

The Prime Minister said: "The issue for me is what we can do to help hardworking families in our country - what we can do to help people facing high petrol prices high gas and electricity bills, people seeking mortgages and small businesses worried about their cashflows."

And the biggest brake and drain on the economy of small business and ordinary people are taxes, what are you going to do about them? Increase them!


"...what we can do to help people facing high petrol prices..."

Well that's one thing he could help with.

70% of the price of petrol is tax, so it's dead easy isn't it?

it takes a very special mind to think a bankrupt can spend his way back to wealth.

We've had more than decade of this shit. Brown started spending us out of a recession about 8 years before we got into one. What have we to show for it? A million more public sector workers. Hundreds of billions of extra funding and bugger all in return. High personal debt. High public sector debt.(And that's before you count the off-balance sheet stuff.) An economy that seems only to produce expensive homes and expensive credit, but can't even do those right any more.

Leave the EU.

Hack away the quangos.*

Simplify the tax system so we know exactly how much they take from us.

Spend some of the savings on reducing public sector borrowings and give the rest of it back to the tax payers.

* What are Ministers and Ministries for if they have hived off their responsibilities to the unelected and unaccountable?

With financial markets still nervous and voters fearing the impact of recession. The immediate issues to address are to sustain and restore confidence in the banking system – the oil of the economy to relieve the freeze-up in interbank markets and to make sure the banking system has sufficient capital so as not to be forced to reduce its lending.


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Wage controls, limits on the amount of money you can spend abroad, and 15% mortgages just like the seventies. With any luck you will also get the power rationing, three-day work weeks, and train strikes.
Highly predictable when you elect Labour governments.
Ah those were the days, fank you 'arold.

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