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Unloved Councillors

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Electorate snub their councillors
Local democracy week in Wiltshire has failed to attract potential voters to meet their councillors.
The councillors say they are disappointed people in the county have not turned out to meet them.
They say they have been waiting in libraries and schools...

I shouldn't laugh but it is the only sane response. Of course if they were waiting on a platform under a gibbet then I'm sure record crowds would have turned up....


Ha Ha Ha, I live in Wiltshire and I was completely unaware of this new comedy gathering in schools and library's. Maybe the Jumped up Jobsworths overlooked advertising their hilarious events. They don't listen all year round so why would the public bother to turn out, after all we have our own brick walls at home if lost for somebody to talk to.

I too live in Wiltshire, but I also run a Local Democracy Week event for councils up and down the country called I'm a Councillor, Get me out of Here! The one lesson you very quickly learn when trying to get the public interested in local democracy is to not sit back and wait. Even advertising the events would have been a waste of time. You've got to give people a reason for spending their time with councillors.

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