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New Olympic Event, the Begging Bowl Race

First the banks, now the Olympics may have to be saved by the State - Times Online

About £550 million of government funding has already been allocated for Stratford Park and the infrastructure for the Olympic Village, including electricity cables and water supply. But an extra £850 million to £900 million still had to be found for the village through a mixture of funding from housing associations, private investment and the taxpayer. So far no money has been guaranteed from either the private sector or housing associations...

An ODA spokesman said: “More public sector investment will clearly be needed for the Olympic Village, given the problems in the banking sector and the deterioration in the property market. This would be an investment in a long-term housing asset that can then be sold in the future.

It is not a bloody investment, if it was an investment that promised a decent rate of return then the private sector would do it, it is yet another subsidy that you want for your fascist drugsfest.


If you think that there should be a cap on public spending for the Great Big Sports Day In London please sign this petition at http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/OlympicPrudence/
If the cost rises then Jowell, Coe and Moynihan should be bankrupted first to make up the shortfall. That's the sort of dedication that displays the true Olympic spirit.

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