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The Return of The Smooth Operator

Pressure grows over 'yacht plot' Osborne and a Russian oligarch - Scotsman.com News


• Oleg Deripaska: The billionaire is thought to be Russia's richest man with an estimated wealth of £16 billion. He bought British car company LDV, the former Leyland Daf vehicle maker, two years ago.

• Nathaniel Rothschild: Co-chairman of Atticus Capital, an investment fund. Seen as a rising star in financial world. He has been friends with George Osborne since the pair were both members of the student drinking society at Oxford.

• Andrew Feldman: The Tory fundraiser took up his post this July. He is a close friend of David Cameron and was a member of the same tennis club at Oxford. He is credited with helping the party win many new donors.

• George Osborne: As an heir to the Osborne & Little soft-furnishing and wallpaper company, Mr Osborne has a personal fortune of around £4 million. He became the youngest Tory MP in 2001.

• The Smooth Operator: He who shall not be named.


It is extraordinary that Mandelson has managed all this within about a week of being brought back into the government.

Loathsome worm that he is, one cannot but admire his competence at his evil trade.

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