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It's My Job

Supermarket shoppers could be forced through alcohol-only checkout - Telegraph

"Having separate areas to sell alcohol will help us tackle this growing problem of young people getting tanked up on cheap supermarket beers and lagers," the source was reported as saying. "We would also want to see specially-trained staff in these areas to make sure alcohol is not being bought by people who are underage."

But those buying a selection of beer and wine along with their weekly groceries would be forced to queue twice to pay for one, then the other.

And the move is likely to enrage supermarkets because of the potential cost of constructing new areas and training staff, and the potential inconvenience to customers who could simply opt to buy their drink elsewhere.

Ministers are expected to reject, however, the suggestion of doctors that alcohol be priced per unit of alcohol and a minimum price for any alcoholic drink.

They are also considering whether to force supermarkets to stamp a bar code on cans of lager, alcopops and bottles of spirits and wine to enable police to quickly be able to identify where alcohol they confiscate from underage drinkers has come from.

The plans all form part of a draft code of practice looking at ways of clamping down on British drinking drawn up by the Home Office and the Department of Health.

"Specially-trained staff" - sounds impressive doesn't it! If they ever went to a supermarket they would see that Tracey already has a badge apologising for having to ask if you are old enough - "it's my job" that I will lose, sort of stuff. Of course teaching someone to say, "You got ID?" if they aren't using a zimmer frame is probably worthy of a GCSE these days, but it is hardly rocket science. It is all bollocks, it is all about control.


I am not surprised that Doctors want pricing controls on booze, they're probably one of the few groups who could afford the increase so that enhances their profession yet again, & one with quite a reputation in that department!

Control, Control, Control. Freedom of "informed" choice is being systematically removed from everyone but the intellectual elite.

Tesco online suddenly seems even more attractive.

Supermarkets are not, and never were the problem in underage drinking. It was always small shops and pubs, and word always got around about where you could get served.

"Ministers are expected to reject, however, the suggestion of doctors that alcohol be priced per unit of alcohol and a minimum price for any alcoholic drink."

You mean some ministers do not think a litre of imported brandy should cost the same as a dozen cans of lager? Or that beer should have the same minimum price as those liquer-filled chocolates?

Must be some mistake. How can they ignore the advice of "doctors" who want to save us from things like kitchen knives, those infamous "pointy things," and boiled sweets, and...

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