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Little England and AGAs

England, a nation with a history, but no destiny | Richard Morrison - Times Online

When something as symbolically English as an Aga in a West Country farmhouse turns out to be dependent on factors over which nobody in this country has any control, what does that say about Englishness?

That we are a global trading nation and that is true Englishness?

(And some of us in our West Country Farmhouses have been mixing in Topanol with our AGA fuel for some time, to get the hotplate glowing red....)


Oil !, not still coke ?, what does your scullery-maid do all day if she has no Aga to tend ? The solid fuel version wass a true heat from waste machine, there was little in the way of household waste it would not consume

Too right - I get sick of articles like that. Fish n' chips aren't even English, according to the writer. Well, if the Huguenots were tucking into fried battered fish, lovely crisp chips, mushy peas, salt, vinegar and white bread and butter I'd be surprised! It gets on my nerves the way Englishness has to be dismantled all the while - unlike other nationalities. Surely everywhere has foreign influences? After all, wasn't the haggis originally Greek and didn't an Englishman invent the modern kilt?

It always seem faintly racist to me to read the scribblings of some PC folk: "All the good English stuff came from abroad. Because the English folk already here were thick and completely uninspired.... When one good thing had happened we had to wait ages for the next immigrant to arrive and invent the rest..."

Diverse influences in national cultures should be taken be highlighted, but not piously flagged up in this way to the exclusion of reality.


The story is actually about poor quality-control by the oil suppliers.

I'll be speaking to BP to make sure they're up to speed on this - I am relying on the Aga to keep going when the electricity fails because Milliband has spent all the money on windmills.

And I am expecting that to happen this very winter as is.

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